The organization exists to help communities living in informal settlements overcome poverty and secure lasting improvements in the quality of their lives.


To alleviate poverty through helping communities acquire skills, knowledge, confidence, resources and a voice to lead local action and achieve constructive change.


An informed citizenry which actively participates in social, political and economic issues


  • Improve the situation of people living in informal settlement through sensitizing them to get involved in determining the quality and quantity of services they receive.
  • To undertake community media Initiative as a call for action to develop and promote creative solution to poverty related problems that impede development.
  • To establish and strengthen permanent community institutions and structures that addresses the issues of access to quality services.
  • Advocate for good governance for sustainable impact on poverty.
  • Provide a platform for other civil societies working in urban informal settlement to network and promote development.
  • Encourage a citizenry that can make informed decisions claim for their rights
  • Create skills initiatives in youth at household /family and community level
  • Rehabilitate children through functional education and innovative skills development
  • Protect and advocate for the rights of children especially girls through education and economic empowerment and advocate for policies that protect the rights of children
  • Operate a nutrition kitchen to demonstrate local available foodstuffs balancing.